Criminal Defense and Traffic Violations

Nothing is more jarring than seeing those flashing red and blue lights in the rear view mirror or the click of handcuffs being closed on your wrists.  Unquestionably, at that moment your heart drops into your stomach and you wonder what comes next.   After the initial shock of your ticket or arrest wears off, you quickly realize that you’re going to need a skilled, passionate and honest attorney in your corner.  By retaining Bennett & Bangser, LLC for your criminal or traffic needs, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The number one mistake that attorneys make is “over-promising” to their clients. For example, if you watch any number of legal dramas on TV or in the movies, you will see the defense attorney promise the accused that he or she “will get them acquitted” or “you will go free.”   That’s just not how it goes in the real world, and any defense attorney who guarantees a result is doing a major disservice to the client.   Instead, Brad and Marc know it’s about being honest and up front with their clients, having excellent relationships with prosecutors and court personnel, knowing your judge’s tendencies, utilizing years of experience and being ferocious advocates. 

Brad and Marc know that when it comes to your freedom, your driving record or just your peace of mind, nothing is more important than finding an attorney with whom you feel comfortable and can trust, and who will vigorously advocate on your behalf.