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Thank you for visiting Bennett & Bangser, LLC for assistance with your divorce or family law matter. As of January 1, 2020, Bennett & Bangser, LLC will be in the process of dissolving and is not accepting any new clients. However, both Brad Bennett and Marc Bangser are individually accepting new divorce and family law clients and doing consultations at their new respective positions:

Brad founded Bennett Law LLC located at 150 S. Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicago, Illinois with offices in Naperville and Deerfield. He, along with attorneys J.P. Hough and Sarah D. Casey can be reached at (312) 786-5800 or via email at For further information, please visit

Marc has joined Davis Friedman (135 S. LaSalle St., 36th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603) as a Capital Partner and can be reached via email at, via phone at 312-782-2220, or you can visit Marc’s attorney page at Davis Friedman at

While Bennett & Bangser, LLC is no longer accepting any new clients, to view the extensive and effusive reviews for the attorneys during their time at B&B before contacting either Brad or Marc, please click on the ‘Testimonials‘ tabs above.

Brad and Marc want to thank their former and current clients for trusting them to advocate and represent their and their children’s best interests in a variety of family law matters over the past five-plus years – and should you seek the highest level of advocacy and communication from a divorce or family law attorney, please reach out to Brad or Marc at their new contact information above.

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