Grandparents Rights

While nothing can compare to being the parent of a newborn, often times the grandparents provide invaluable support and resources for their children and grandchildren. In unfortunate situations, however, rifts can exist between the child’s parents and grandparents, where the grandparents are blocked from access to their grandchild. In addition, circumstances may arise where a grandparent may feel that their grandchild is being placed in immediate danger, or being subjected to an unhealthy or detrimental environment.

These situations are extremely emotional and complicated, pitting family members against each other and usually involving young children, but we at Bennett & Bangser, LLC have wide-ranging experience in advocating and clarifying grandparent’s rights for visitation and other family-law related matters. In these exceedingly difficult situations, you need the attorneys at Bennett & Bangser, LLC that not only fights for your rights as grandparents, but also do everything possible to ensure that healthy family bonds remain intact to benefit the children.