I switched to Marc after I had a difficult time communicating with my first lawyer. At first I was nervous with switching since my previous lawyer was recommended by someone I trusted. Immediately, I felt that Marc listened to my concerns and addressed my issues and was very honest on his opinion of a situation. Communication with him and his staff was excellent with no follow up emails and phone calls to get a response (unlike my previous lawyer). Marc had to rewrite a document that was originally written by the first lawyer. There was no comparison in the quality and attention to detail between the two documents. His attention to detail and knowledge was applied to all aspects of my divorce. Had I switched to Marc sooner, I would have saved a lot of money, frustration, and time.

Anonymous (five stars)

Marc was simply amazing throughout my entire divorce process, from the initial consultation through all the back and forth between attorneys figuring out the ins and outs of our paperwork, to finally reaching an agreement and getting it in front of a judge and signed. He kept my kids and their needs as the focus the entire time, which is everything I could have asked for.

Leah (five stars)

Brad is very a dedicated and committed attorney who focuses strongly on achieving the best possible results for his client. Brad represented me through my challenging divorce and was always on top of all the complicated details. Brad was very responsive and provided positive solutions to issues that came up through the divorce process. Brad is resilient and a true leader who worked with me every step of the way. Thanks to Brad, the outcome of my divorce was very favorable for me, including a favorable settlement and a creative parenting schedule for my pets. I highly recommend Brad to get the job done in the best interest of his client!

Cindy B. (five stars)

It’s not easy finding a good Attorney, but when I met Marc I knew he really cared about his clients and knew he would do his best for me. Marc helped me resolve post divorce issues with my ex wife (relocation / child support). He was straight forward, honest, respectful and caring. He was able to get me what I needed without going to court which saved tons of money. Great law firm! Don’t hesitate to choose Bennett & Bangser.

Michael R. (five stars)

Kudos to Marc and his team for making a very unpleasant legal situation into realistic terms and goals based on the law and what I could expect. He never promised outcomes, but instead gave me best case scenarios vs. worst case scenarios. Luckily, with his skill and understanding of the law he was able negotiate with both the judge and opposing attorney. Do not hesitate to contact Marc for your difficult case.

Monica C. (five stars)

We reached out to Marc to request his guidance with an urgent matter. During his representation, he was able to leverage his impressively extensive network throughout our county to help us to understand what to expect moving forward literally within hours of our first conversation. This provided us with some peace of mind during the ordeal, which is priceless to me! He was also great about staying in sync with us, even following up with us after business hours on a Friday. Every step of the way, he also kept us well advised as to which pitfalls to avoid. Overall, we made an excellent decision by reaching out to Marc, and can’t imagine anyone else would have been able to provide his level of value in such short time that he did, let alone nearly as quickly! A++ grade from us!

Chris E. (five stars)

Brad went beyond the call of duty in representing me regarding custody and child support issues for my two year old son. Due to my ex partner’s irrational behavior and his misguided attempt to represent himself, there were countless roadblocks during the case, including the involvement of the police, unsuccessful mediation and an assigned guardian ad litem. During this process Brad was always within reach to offer his advice and counsel. He was also present during the final meeting regarding the Allocation Judgement, and was instrumental in facilitating a favorable outcome for me. It was a long and grueling process, but Brad was there every step of the way giving me advice as to how to proceed. After finally going to trial, I was awarded more than statutory child support, in addition to 50% of childcare and other expenses. I firmly believe this outcome was solely due to Brad’s persistence and insightful handling of my case. I am so thankful to him, and know that I would not have received this outcome without his representation. In addition, Marc was always on call if Brad was unavailable for some reason. Marc represented me in court on one occasion, and he gave me helpful advice when there was police involvement during my case. Ihighly recommend these attorneys!

Kjersti N. (five stars)

I would recommend Marc Bangser because of not only his professionalism and top-notch skills as an attorney, but also how he treats you as a person, not just a client. When I heard other attorneys actually laughing in court at my case, I noticed him taking every tiny detail as seriously as I did. I feel when you are going through issues in which you may need legal assistance, you want someone who will help keep you calm and rational through the process. Marc was just that and more.

Anonymous Divorce Client (five stars)

I can’t say enough about the job that Marc Bangser did for my family. We needed to safeguard my son’s future, and I’m thrilled that we were able to do that with the help of this amazing firm, and with Marc specifically. Through every step, he kept the best interests of my son at the heart of everything, which was extremely important to me. He always set realistic expectations and communicated clearly, while working tirelessly to increase the odds of the best possible outcome – something we were thankfully able to achieve. I highly recommend Marc Bangser without reservation.

Mike D. (five stars)

The smartest decision I could have made was hiring Marc Bangser with Bennett and Bangser as my counsel. Marc proved to be very dedicated and highly communicative throughout my entire case. He understands divorce can be very emotional and did an excellent job of managing my expectations and worked with me to see the case from a business perspective instead of an emotional one. He was definitely the voice of reason when the last thing I wanted to be was reasonable – believe me, this is an IMPORTANT trait in an attorney! Marc proved to be an excellent litigator when huge stakes were on the line (I still cannot thank you enough Marc!) and his negotiation skills are excellent as well. Marc is excellent at listening and was not afraid to respectfully correct me if I was being unreasonable. He handled every situation with diplomacy, tact, and candor and made sure I understood the positive and potential negative of every decision. He provided the information I needed along with his opinion but ultimately supported my decision on how to proceed . Marc was outstanding in handling all aspects of my case and I cannot imagine having gotten through this without him! A few words about his support staff…..A strong support staff is critical to having an efficient and effective operation – the support staff at Bennett and Bangser is top notch! They were timely, professional, and organized. They are also just as dedicated as Marc to solid communication and follow up. I strongly recommend hiring Marc Bangser as your attorney. He and his firm are excellent at what they do in a very difficult field.

Amy I. (five stars)

Marc is an excellent negotiator, attorney and counselor. Divorce is obviously a bad time, but starting from my first consultation with Marc, I felt a sense of stability I hadn’t felt in a long time. Marc is not only a strong advocate for your interests, but he kept me calm and kept things in perspective throughout the process. Because Marc has good working relationships with many other family law attorneys throughout Chicago (including the attorney representing my ex wife), I felt he was able to keep the negotiation as cordial and smooth as possible. With Marc, you get someone who truly cares about getting the result you want (whatever that may be), and has the skills and relationships to back it up.

Chris (five stars)

I first met Brad in September 2012 when I was initially contemplating a divorce. Our initial consultation was to help educate me on the whole divorce process and to discuss several delicate topics I had some concerns about how to handle. After our initial meeting, I knew I did not have to interview other lawyers to find a more knowledgeable or committed, strategic advisor to help me through an overcomplicated legal process. Several years later, when my divorce was inevitable, Brad was able to pick up where we left off and then lead the way to a very favorable outcome. Brad was able to secure the exact parenting schedule that I wanted, he was able to negotiate an excellent modified maintenance agreement, and he successfully defended several legal motions against me. While I could continue to review my interactions with Brad, I would be remiss if I did not include the Bennett and Bangser professional support staff. The whole team kept me updated regularly on what was happening, they organized all the paperwork, and kept me on schedule with what I needed to do next. They were always available to me, including after-hours and weekends! Brad and his team removed a lot of the stress and strain of a difficult divorce process and allowed me to focus more on what is important to me: my kids and our future.

K.A. (five stars)

Marc and Brad are excellent family lawyers. They were instrumental in getting the best situation for my children. Every step of the way Marc prepared me for what to expect, and the outcomes surpassed my expectations every time. I am so grateful for their helpfulness and caring about our situation. It was a very difficult and prolonged divorce. I was so grateful to have Marc and Brad in my court!!!

Jennifer F. (five stars)

I would recommend Marc Bangser because of not only his professionalism and top-notch skills as an attorney, but also how he treats you as a person, not just a client. When I heard other attorneys actually laughing in court at my case, I noticed him taking every tiny detail as seriously as I did. I feel when you are going through issues in which you may need legal assistance, you want someone who will help keep you calm and rational through the process. Marc did just that and more.

Jason D. (five stars)

I had the great pleasure of working with Marc during a difficult time and his professionalism and willingness to understand my situation, made a huge difference in helping me attain peace of mind and an overall better grasp on the laws relating to my situation. I found Marc through an online search and from the first appointment, Marc took a genuine interest in understanding what was going and asked all of the right questions. He is a true professional.

J.Q. (five stars)

Brad performed a review of a prenuptial agreement that had already been structured and had little room for flexibility. Despite the constraints imposed by the agreement, Brad provided invaluable insights on improving the structure of the agreement, helped identify and remove excessively punitive clauses, and was able to make several recommendations to clarify language and circular references that were ultimately accepted by opposing counsel. Brad was extremely professional in his demeanor toward my fiance’s family’s requests, in his responses to my requests, and in his overall handling of the case. Brad took the time to help me understand the legal jargon and gave me peace of mind that I was protected throughout this sensitive process. He was readily available via email or phone, despite having trials and other open cases, and he made arrangements to meet in person upon request within just a couple business days. Reasonable retainer fee for services compared against several other firms in the Loop. Highly recommended for anyone needing counsel to sign a prenup.

N.C. (five stars)

Marc represented me in a very challenging and nasty divorce case and totally got my back all the way through the end. He got great results and saved a ton of legal fees for me. I guarantee you he is the BEST divorce lawyer around. If you are looking for a good quality divorce lawyer, your search will end here. I was there not long ago with feeling lost, being very emotional and scared of everything what I was about facing just like you. I read Marc’s reviews and was convinced that it’s worth to contact him so I did. That was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. He is extremely compassionate, trustworthy, responsive, aggressive, intelligent, knowledgeable, energetic, organized and detail-oriented. You can tell he is a truly genuine person once you work with him. Marc and I had many hard hoops to go through during the case and almost every claim my ex put out against me was absolutely nonsense and unnecessary. I can not tell you how many times he got me out of a bad position! Every time he came out the room where he and the opposing counsel made arguments for the Judge letting me know the result or the Judge’s suggestion, I could tell it was intense and uneasy to deliver but of course he did it very well so it always worked in my favor. His no-nonsense approach made my case win one after another and saved my child and my life. Another thing I like about Marc was that he doesn’t sugar coat things for you to play a game like some lawyers would do to charge more unnecessary fees. He will be straight up, ask what your thoughts are and come up with a solution that actually works out for the best. Trust me, he doesn’t have time for nonsense. He doesn’t even initiate a thing that just costs you and does nothing for you. That’s what you really want in your lawyer. Don’t forget he has a wonderful partner, Brad! Brad has involved and helped out my case here and there. He also has a great reputation as you can see in his review and you will know why Marc and Brad make an excellent and powerful team together. Both of them have your best interest at heart and you will be so pleased to have them on your side. Since I had a very positive experience with Marc and his office, I would really like as many of you as possible to know that you can reach out to Marc to get your happiness and put a big smile on your face at the end like I did 🙂 Can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, Marc!

K.B. (five stars)

Marc and Brad have worked as a team to address post-divorce issues for me for the past several years. They make a great team as they balance each other’s strengths/weaknesses. Marc in particular recently won a huge petition for me–one that would have impacted me/my kids for the next several years–he went beyond the call of duty when preparing for and delivering his arguments. He took what was my issue to resolve and treated it with as much passion and preciseness as if it were his own. They have both helped me keep things in perspective as well-there are times during proceedings where one can loose focus-but they are willing to have those difficult conversations with their clients to ensure their clients expressed priorities remain at the forefront of focus. I recommend them for any one dealing with divorce/family law issues.

Lisa D., Google, Yelp & Avvo.

I remember the first email I made to the Bennett & Bangser Law Group regarding setting up an appointment for a consultation. Like many of you I blindly searched for online reviews, selected the three highest rated firms and sent out blind emails…

This was at 6:30AM. I was impressed when I received a reply by 7:00AM. This wasn’t an automated reply. Rather, it was Brad Bennett reaching out to set up our initial consultation. We spoke immediately thereafter and I explained to Brad that I was about to get married. As my fiancé and I were both successful executives, we were interested in a very balanced prenuptial agreement. And, our wedding was in 30 days…

We met the following day and after Brad made it a point to walk me around and introduce me to his Law Partner and the B&B staff we settled in for our initial discussions. I was impressed by his knowledge of every aspect of marital law, and in particular, his knowledge of the pending & potential changes in the Illinois statutes. This expertise was very relevant as we entered negotiations with my fiancĂ© and her attorney. His experience, having focused on family law throughout his career, was instrumental in getting to a reasonable and realistically executable agreement — all while helping maintain relationship harmony as our wedding date was fast approaching.

Brad took the lead and drafted, redrafted and negotiated some creative solutions balancing both our needs to get the Premarital Agreement done. I was very happy with the final agreement reached in the 11th hour – yes, we signed our agreement the day before our wedding!

Throughout the entire process, I was kept well informed. Brad and I communicated via email, text and phone calls at all hours due to my hectic travel schedule. He maintained the highest level of availability to answer my questions — both from a legal point of view, as well as identifying what was realistic and practical – he too remained focused on getting this done. I will gladly recommend Brad and his law firm to represent any of my friends and family in need of an excellent and highly responsive family attorney.

Kevin H. Yelp, Avvo, & Google

You have a friend in Brad! When looking for an attorney I needed someone that would have my back, guide me through the maze of legal documents to ensure I was protected, and be available on demand to quickly resolve any issues. Brad did all of these things and more. Not only was he able to ensure I kept my marital property, but also the marital car, sole custody of the children, child support even if my ex wasn’t working, and protected me when my ex’s attorney withdrew. He was not only my attorney but my friend. Thank you Brad and Marc for being there for me when I needed you the most!

Jessica G., Yelp, Avvo, & Google

I came to Marc for a second opinion on a matter my current lawyer and I were working on and from that moment I knew he would be my lawyer moving forward. I explained the situation to him and he told me point blank that I should not of filed the petition that I did at this time and that had this issue had been addressed in my original decree that I would not be in this situation.

Since the petition had been filed we had to move forward. Marc laid out the facts, options and especially the cost benefit analysis. Which was monumental for me as a single mom. Marc always had my best interest in mind. He fought for me, was patient and kept me focused when things got nasty. He was always prompt, efficient and at no point was any “I” not dotted or “T” not crossed. He has a great attention to detail and truly takes pride in all he does.

In the end Marc was able to get me more than I was looking for and was able to solidify things that had not been in my original decree.

If you are looking for a lawyer who is truly invested in his clients well being, who is truly working for you, an investigative lawyer who will work through the night to make sure your case is solid, a man who is beyond professional in all he does and is not only respectful of your situation but is empathetic and sympathetic as well, then Marc is the right lawyer for you!!!

Alison S., Google, Avvo, Yelp, Facebook.

An attorney with such great caliber! Let’s be reasonable, if you are hiring an attorney, it’s probably not for a good and exciting reason. However, if you hire the right one (Brad Bennett) you are certainly in good hands. This attorney truly understands that clients work hard and have a family to support and a life to live; he is not one of your typical attorneys. He is a genuine and professional subject matter expert of the Chicagoland area and will fight with you every step of the way. There is a reason why he is the Illinois Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, & 2016 and the Illinois Leading Lawyers “Emerging Lawyer” for the year 2015 as well as the NATIONAL Advocates Top 100 Matrimonial & Family Lawyer for the year 2015. A man of such integrity and initiative to not only get what you want as a client but to see through the opposing counsel and achieve matters that only benefits his clients. I, personally, wanted to simply be defensive to the petitions raised against me, however, with the help of Brad, I was able to respond back to my petitions aggressively -and- with a “Structured Parental Visitation Agreement” that was not in my original divorce decree. Picture Brad Bennett walking into court and all other attorneys tucking their tails between their legs; his aggressive demeanor, overwhelming focus, and tactics do just that. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to hire Brad.

Michael K., Avvo, Yelp.

A year after my divorce was settled, my children and I wanted to move back to our home state to be around our entire family and have the opportunity to attend better public schools. I knew this would be an uphill battle with my ex-husband, which I wasn’t looking forward to. Marc was a true advocate for not only me but my children as well. He always looked out for my best interests and came up with a solution that was agreeable to both sides. Throughout the entire process, Marc always made sure I was doing okay emotionally and reassured me that we were doing what was right for my kids. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law and answered every single one of my questions in a timely manner. He is definitely committed to his clients, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants what is best for their children and themselves.

Kelly B., Google, Avvo, Yelp.

I hired Marc to handle an issue my mom had with her former counsel, who entered a QDRO that didn’t coincide with the requirements of my father’s union. This prevented my mom from receiving much needed funds from my father’s pension. With the former attorney, years had passed and nothing was accomplished. When we hired Marc and his team, this matter was closed in just a couple of months. During that time, he continued to keep us completely informed throughout the case, answered all of our questions and the case is now closed. Thank you!!.

Lara C., Google, Yelp, Avvo.

My wife and I met Brad Bennett through a friend. Once we met with him, we knew that we were in good hands and we were very confident going into this unfortunate matter with Brad representing us. He is a young and very talented lawyer who definitely is very knowledgeable when it comes to family law. Not only that, he goes out of his way to make sure you understand every situation you are about to go through. He keeps you grounded and makes sure you stay focused on the real issues and what truly matters which is family. Brad worked tirelessly to get our situation resolved without having to set foot in court which was one of our goals. No child should ever have to see their parents fight in a court room where he/she might have to get involved. That was my main issue when I met Brad. I specifically told him that I don’t want my daughter to get involved which she didn’t. Without Brad, I am sure we would never have gotten the results we wanted. He said it himself, “it is rare to get a case that is initiated by the opposing party which results in me gaining everything and nothing for the opposing party.” But that just shows how great Brad is. He will do everything he can to get the results you deserve. We are truly grateful for the Bennett & Bangser group for the dedication and amazing results.

Gino V., Avvo, Yelp, & Google+

I retained Marc as my divorce attorney in mid July 2015 after already going through 2 other divorce attorneys! I was getting nowhere with the prior attorneys and my divorce was dragging on and on for almost a year and a half (it was a relatively simple divorce). We were getting close to my trial date and I felt my attorney at that time would not have my divorce resolved prior to the trial date and I would end up in court which I did not want to do! After giving it much thought, I decided to start looking for yet another attorney…ugh! I met with Marc one afternoon and he really set my mind at ease. He reviewed my case and assured me he could help resolve my divorce quickly without a doubt. He was always very professional and treated me like a real person and not just another case he was working on. He was always willing to answer any questions I had and explained things to me clearly and never confused me with all the legal stuff. Marc is wonderful about returning emails and phone calls. I don’t think I ever had to wait more than a few hours to hear back from him. He was always available when I needed him and always offered great advice! Marc and his team worked quickly on my case and got my divorce settled without having to go to trial and I couldn’t be happier!! If you’re looking for a great divorce attorney that will be there for you and treat you like you deserve to be treated, hire Marc Bangser….you won’t be disappointed!

Tiffany H., Avvo, Yelp, & Google+

From the initial consultation to our first court appearance Brad showed great knowledge and demonstrated his experience. Brad was able to help me gain temporary custody of my son during a turbulent time in my life. His team is fast and available for any questions I had. Brad would also call just to check in and see how I was doing which I think is a great show of compassion and professionalism on his part. Overall I am very satisfied in retaining Brad.

David M., Avvo, Yelp, & Google+

Marc Bangser is the guy you want on your side. I consulted with several attorneys before making a decision on who to hire, and not only was Marc the fastest to respond, but he kept that responsiveness and was by far the most straightforward and thorough in his research of my case. Oh, and not only that, he charged a very reasonable fee and got the whole thing done in the exact time frame he anticipated. Talk about an amazing value!

Chris, Avvo

Marc Bangser is the guy you want on your side. I consulted with several attorneys before making a decision on who to hire, and not only was Marc the fastest to respond, but he kept that responsiveness and was by far the most straightforward and thorough in his research of my case. Oh, and not only that, he charged a very reasonable fee and got the whole thing done in the exact time frame he anticipated. Talk about an amazing value! Marc clearly laid out two scenarios of what could happen, and followed up after speaking with the state and knew exactly what to expect when we got to court, and he took care of business for me. Speaking of court, I couldn’t believe the respect that Marc gets from his peers. It seemed like all the other lawyers and everyone working for the state knows and likes him. Like I said, good guy to have on your side! Going to court is not a pleasant experience, but boy did Marc make it as smooth and pain-free as possible! I hope to never need a criminal defense lawyer again, but if I do, Marc Bangser will be the only call I make and you should do the same. Worth noting, I found out speaking with him after court that Marc and his firm do all aspects of family law like divorce, child custody, child support as well as traffic cases. While I didn’t work with him for any of those types of cases, I have no doubt he’d be the absolute right person to represent you if you need a lawyer for anything along those lines.

Chris K., Avvo, Yelp, & Google+

I used this Firm (Bradford Bennett was my attorney) for my divorce after spending almost a year with another attorney that was not getting the job done. When Bradford took my divorce case over, he took over effortlessly and did his job quick and in my best interest. There was a lot of paperwork that my other attorney should have had done and Brad got it done quickly and accurately. I also send my friend here as I knew he would be in great hands!

Michael D., Yelp & Google+

Last month, I found myself in a bit of trouble. It was my first, only, and last time that I found myself on the wrong side of the law. I was scared to death, and didn’t know what to do. I googled for hours trying to find someone who could help me. After reading the reviews on Marc, I decided to give him a call. Marc was so patient and understanding with me while I was a mess. I was anxious to consult with him and since I was going out of town, we didn’t have much time to meet in person. Marc agreed to a Skype consultation and walked me through every scenario and every castle I had built up in my mind. Long story short, within 5 weeks of the day I first called Marc, my case was resolved with the best possible outcome. Throughout everything, Marc was always available, consistent, reassuring, and thorough. While I hope to never need his services again, I wouldn’t imagine calling anyone else if I did. Marc, I cannot thank you enough.

a client, Avvo

I was referred to Brad Bennett through a close friend. From the time we had our first consultation, and I had the pleasure of meeting Marc Bangser, I knew that everything was going to be okay- that I had the right team by my side representing me. Divorce is a very complicated thing, Brad and Marc made me feel safe, secure and confident in all ways, in all steps. During the process, I was able to let go of the logistical side and really focus on the emotional one knowing that Brad and Mark had a strong grip on my best options, my best interest always in front. Talented, kind, diligent, problem-solving and loyal- these gentlemen are a prize. Customer service is in one word, excellent. It has been a true pleasure being represented by Bennett & Bangser.

Teresa C., Avvo, Yelp, & Google+

I spoke with Marc more than a few times about retaining him to assist me with getting my kids back after DCFS had taken them. He always made me feel comfortable an was very straight forward with how he felt an what he could do to help. He also was very prompt in returning my calls. After a face to face consultation I retained Marc to resolve the issue. Expecting it to take a couple weeks, I was shocked when he had the matter resolved in less than two days! My kids are now back home where they belong, thanks to Marc. Always being honest, prompt an straightforward he truly cared about my situation an I would retain him again in a heartbeat.

Kim B., Avvo & Yelp

I immediately felt as though I was in good hands from the initial consultation. Brad was thorough, intelligent, straight-forward, and personable. I’m very grateful for all he did for me and my son. He is a blessing to family law.

Carrie B., Avvo & Yelp

Five Star Lawyer Marc Bangser! Thank you to Marc Bangser, for the top-notch legal representation in my recent Will County traffic matter. Marc is straightforward, calm, communicative, efficient, well-prepared, kind to his clients, respectful to the prosecutor and judge, a fluent and mature negotiator, thinks of good ideas and solutions, and keeps you involved with your case. He is responsive, and even returns emails in the evenings. He resolved my excessive speeding ticket problem with excellence! Since I’m also a lawyer, I recognize the qualities in him that make him a great lawyer. I felt like I was in good hands throughout the process. I highly recommend Marc for your traffic legal needs. I know that some of the main area of his practice are divorce, child custody, family law and criminal defense matters. Even though I didn’t use his services for a divorce, child custody, family law or criminal case, I can tell by the way he handles himself (and due to his ability to remain calm and negotiate) that he also would be outstanding at all of them, especially negotiating a divorce or family law issue calmly. I’ve referred clients to him whose teens or college-aged kids have been in trouble with the law; and Marc takes every case seriously and responds very quickly. He is a former prosecutor, so he knows the ropes, and how to act maturely and capably in front of a judge and a prosecutor, or in negotiations against other attorneys. A compliment by another lawyer is the highest form of compliment, as we hold other lawyers to the highest standard of practice and behavior. We recognize signs if excellence, or shortcomings, in each other, where nonlawyers might not be fully aware of them.

Nancy F., Yelp

I highly recommend Brad and the team. I had a very difficult divorce process and, first and foremost, I was focused on my children. Brad helped me devise and execute a strategy that enabled me as the sole, working parent to be the residential custodian and from there to finalize all other matters. Under great pressure in very, very difficult situations we finalized the divorce on better terms than I could have hoped for at the outset. The process was tied up in knots and going nowhere initially; there were plenty of opportunities for the process to get dragged out further or to take a bad turn, and Brad managed it all expertly. Highly recommend.

R., Avvo

I used Marc Bangser as my attorney to represent me with an issue my ex decided to pull me into regarding maintenance payments. I found him to be very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. His experience was invaluable to get my case resolved with a satisfactory outcome. I would highly recommend him and his firm.

West J., Google+

Brad and Marc make a great team whose strengths complement each other. I not only had to use them for my divorce but also for post-divorce custody issues. They walked me through every step, always presented me my options, and always made me feel as though they were acting in my (and my children’s) best interest. They make sound recommendations and do so with thorough legal knowledge as well as thoughtful tactical planning. Marc got to know me as a person and my situation, which made him more able to represent us. He made me feel safe in the courtroom and that is priceless. He was available when I needed him and I felt he truly had my back. I would (and have) recommended him to others in need of his expertise and will certainly use his services again when the time comes.

Lisa D., Avvo & Yelp

I think Brad is wonderful! Very easy to work with. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and prompt in returning calls. He well exceeded my expectations even with dealing with a very irritating opposing side. He’s a charmer! Thanks Brad!

Patty W., Avvo

I was very lucky to have had Marc Bangser as my attorney. I had a great feeling of him from our first meet to discuss the details of my order of protection against my husband’s ex. Marc communicated very well, and throughout the length of my case I was well informed of all that was going on. He was very responsive, great attitude, professional and was very easy to work with. I felt Marc always had my back, more than anything during the long one day trial. Thank you Marc.

Myriam B.,  Avvo & Yelp

Brad and Marc worked as a team to help me through a very lengthy and contentious divorce. I was happy with the outcome and felt the final decision was more than fair. Brad has a very direct approach and kept everyone focused on the outcome, rather than getting bogged down in the details. When things got emotional he could refocus both sides and stick to the facts. Marc had the ability to read people and could give insight into the opposing side’s views and requests. He seemingly was one step ahead and could predict what they would be asking, and determined ahead of time the best way to counter. Both had a deep knowledge of the laws and had enough experience that they apparently have seen all strategies and knew how to deal with them. Nothing caught them off guard. Brad was very timely in his responses and was always pushing things along when the other side was lagging in returning comments or materials. Overall I was very impressed and satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Brad and Marc to others in the same boat.

Michael J., Avvo, Yelp

I have dealt with many lawyers in the past and nothing can compare to Marc. I had a matter I needed to pay some money for one of my children that had gotten into some trouble. Marc worked his magic and got the fine down for me. He is very friendly does not talk down to you like most lawyers do. He talks to you more like a friend. Marc is very efficient. He was so quick to help resolve my matter. He’s very dependable. He calls right back and emails you back right away and he does everything he says he’s going to do I would recommend Marc to anyone any day he is a great lawyer.

Kelly, Avvo

Brad worked diligently with me to throughout the divorce process to make sure we obtained the best possible outcome. I say “we” because I felt like Brad truly partnered with me and had my best interest, and the best interest of my child, at heart. Brad was patient, thorough, caring, unassuming, responsive and constantly discussing options with me. Brad was generous with his time and didn’t make me feel like the “meter was running” all the time. I would recommend Brad to anyone who needs the services of an attorney no matter what your situation is.

Tim, Avvo

I consulted Marc to represent me for a criminal case for reckless conduct out of Lake County in March of 2015. He was a great asset to my case, and the maintaining of my freedom based on my past offenses and the fact that I nearly ran over a couple of public safety officers. At first I was a little worried of the possible outcomes but through speaking with him and having him by my side in the court room I soon found out just how great he is. He was able to get me released with very minimal community service and conditional discharge, considering my past offenses this was amazing for me. I was able to keep my job and move forward. Marc is well known throughout the courthouse which is a great thing depending on what offense you may or may not have committed and also worked with the states attorney’s office for about 8 years. Marc definitely has a great work oriented attitude and was more than kind at the same time. He was assertive, professional, honest and even more importantly aggressive in the courtroom in order to get the best results for his client(s) (me at the time). I would definitely recommend him as a lawyer to any of you out there if you are in any hardships and are seeking legal representation whether criminal or family oriented. Marc is a great guy and I am glad I chose him to represent me! Check him out.

Joe M., Avvo

Working with Brad Bennett and his team was a real pleasure and a lifesaver! After working with several lawyers that left us in the dark and feeling hopeless, we decided that we would reach out to Brad and take a shot at working with one more lawyer. For the first time in a couple years and four different lawyer consultations, we had someone (Brad Bennett) give us hope in finding a resolution to our case! He had options for us that no other lawyer had given us and was extremely knowledgeable! He took on our case and worked diligently to find the best resolution. Brad and his team were extremely patient and persistent with our case and kept us in the loop every step of the way! There were times we thought our case would never end or that the outcome wouldn’t be favorable, but Brad and the rest of his team always found a way to reassure us that things would get straightened out. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. They cared about us and our case and it showed in their work. Without Brad and his team, we would be in a very difficult situation. After a whole year battle, Brad and team were able to get the best resolution possibly for our case! We are extremely thankful for their help and would recommend anyone going through any type of family law matter to go to Bennett & Bangser, LLC.

Rolanda U., Avvo & Google+

Marc Bangser assisted me with an arrest case. He was very helpful and able to work with me as I was away at school as a college student. After his persistence I ended up with a dismissal (the best possible outcome!) even after we had spoken about how that might not be a possibility. Great guy too! Gets stuff done!

A Client,  Avvo

Within a divorce process that I’m sure we’d all prefer to avoid, the experience of working with Brad Bennett and Marc Bangser was a silver lining. Their level of legal knowledge, compassion and willingness to understand the entire situation from the client’s point of view clearly sets them apart in the field. While my understanding of the law and dealings with lawyers has been VERY limited in the past, I had exposure to opposing counsel and other lawyers throughout the divorce process and ALWAYS felt comfortable that Marc and Brad were several levels above everyone else in terms of their approach and understanding of the law. You will quickly feel comfortable that when teamed with Bennett and Bangser, you are receiving the best advice possible. The other differentiator is the fact that they tailor their approach to you. They do not have a singular approach that is applied to all clients and all cases, but rather they take the time to understand the client’s perspective to determine when to be flexible and when to be firm. If you are looking for help in a family legal matter, you will be hard pressed to do better than Bennett & Bangser.

Tory R., Avvo & Google+

As parents of a good child/student who made a mistake, we wish to compliment Marc as our student’s legal advisor. Marc’s professional and regular communication put us at ease and improved our understanding of the system. (Class A misdemeanor) Marc never made promises but collected supporting material and made recommendations for process and in the end secured the best possible outcome (case dropped). In our competitive and technologically connected society, using a litigator who understands the impact of each scenario while reducing the ongoing burden becomes critical. Thank you Marc.

A client, Avvo & Yelp

Brad is an outstanding Attorney. Prior to hiring Brad, I used another Attorney and my case was moving very slow, and became complicated quickly. From the first meeting I had with Brad, I knew he was going to get me through this very difficult situation. Brad truly cares about his clients. We were in constant communication via phone, text, and e-mail. He understood that my main priority was my children and spending the maximum amount of time with them. Not only did Brad negotiate the best visitation schedule, he also did a great job on the financial settlement. I’m grateful for everything Brad has done for my case.

John D., Avvo & Google+

I don’t know what would have happened in a trial if Marc hadn’t been assigned to my case. Marc’s years of experience prosecuting criminals, his take charge confident approach, and very likable personality were exactly what was needed to talk sense into a diabolical opposition. He succeeded in negotiating for the best possible outcome in a settlement and a cruel game was finally over. Marc went to bat for me, and I will never forget it.

A client,  Avvo

Words cannot express my gratitude! The first time I met Bradford Bennett he set my mind at ease. Brad listened to the details of my complex contempt of court case. I was convinced he believed in me. Brad and his team immediately began to develop a plan to defend the many charges that were brought against me. During our investigation we uncovered some very disturbing information that quickly turned the proceedings into a full blown custody case. Without hesitation Brad switched his focus from defending me to helping me retrieve my children. In a matter of days an emergency motion was filed and I had my three minor children living with me in my home. During the next 18 months Brad, Margaret and I spent a great deal of time preparing for and responding to motion after motion filed against me in an attempt to deflect from our case. Brad had the patience of a Saint when OC filed continuance after continuance. When we finally made it to trial it did not last long. Bradford Bennett’s intimidating superior command of the courtroom left no doubt in what the outcome would be. His extensive knowledge of case law had opposing counsel scrambling to keep up. Throughout the entire process Brad kept me grounded and sane. When I became frustrated or angry he would keep me focused on the bigger picture. I would not wish this situation on any family. The emotional roller-coaster was almost too much to bear. The personal concern that Brad showed for my children and me was genuine. Everything about the Bennett Law Firm from start to finish speaks of professionalism. I would recommend Bradford Bennett to anyone finding themselves in need of a truly gifted attorney.

Louis R., Avvo

I reached out to Mr. Bennett by telephone when I was stationed in Korea. The first 6 to 7 months of my divorce process Mr. Bennett and only spoke over the phone and by email. The way Mr. Bennett conducted himself professionally with every aspect of my case. The loyalty that Mr. Bennett had in order to achieve the highest outcome of my case was outstanding. I could not ask for a better lawyer than him. The time, dedication and the patience that Mr. Bennett had with me in order to understand every aspect of my case. He never left no question unattended to include that every answer he gave I understood. I would recommend Mr. Bennett and his law team to everyone that would need one in the Chicago land area.

Jim, Avvo

Through a very long and challenging post-decree divorce process, including several petitions, Bradford Bennett remained the consummate professional. His honesty, integrity, confidence, expertise and compassion alongside his vast knowledge of the law, resulted in a successful and favorable agreement, avoiding an un-necessary trial. Bradford was prompt to return calls or emails from myself and from the opposing counsel, even when they were frequently evasive.  When required, Bradford was compelling and forceful with the OC, yet diplomatic so as to de-escalate issues when they arose. He was a master at the written law yet creative in finding solutions when it appeared we were at a standstill. Throughout the duration of our 18 months together, Bradford consistently remained on-task and fast-paced, yet empathetic to situations that arose.  Our situation caused me to run on high emotions at times, however; each time I spoke with Bradford, it immediately disarmed me. He helped maintain my focus on the true issues and kept me focused on the bigger picture, not getting caught up in the details. He had a perspective and a context that constantly reassured me, calmed me, and decreased the enormous anxiety I was feeling. I would highly recommend Bradford as your representation and while I am quite certain that as a result of his tireless efforts and a hugely favorable outcome for me, I will not be in this situation again, I would undoubtedly hire him again in the future.

Jerry, Avvo

Marc worked very diligently and did a thorough job for my case. I needed work done, specifically, for a cease and desist letter. With Marc’s background and experience, I felt he was able to uncover all the necessary details to provide the best service possible.

A Client,  Avvo

I had the pleasure of working with Marc during his time at the State’s Attorney’s office. During that time, he was my go-to guy for legal questions. He has always been very hard working and dedicated. When he moved on to the Bennett Law Firm to practice family law I knew he would do great. Being my go-to guy in the past, I contacted Marc for a family related matter. Needless to say, he didn’t let me down! Again, he was very hard working and his dedication got my case settled fast! Marc returned my phone calls and emails almost immediately. He is very eager to help people and has always been a very compassionate person. I would highly recommend contacting Marc for any of your family law needs. Thanks again Marc!!

Brandon, Avvo

An attorney with such great caliber! Let’s be reasonable, if you are hiring an attorney, it’s probably not for a good and exciting reason. However, if you hire the right one (Brad Bennett) you are certainly in good hands. This attorney truly understands that clients work hard and have a family to support and a life to live; he is not one of your typical attorneys. He is a genuine and professional subject matter expert of the Chicagoland area and will fight with you every step of the way. There is a reason why he is the Illinois Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, & 2016 and the Illinois Leading Lawyers “Emerging Lawyer” for the year 2015 as well as the NATIONAL Advocates Top 100 Matrimonial & Family Lawyer for the year 2015. A man of such integrity and initiative to not only get what you want as a client but to see through the opposing counsel and achieve matters that only benefits his clients. I, personally, wanted to simply be defensive to the petitions raised against me, however, with the help of Brad, I was able to respond back to my petitions aggressively -and- with a “Structured Parental Visitation Agreement” that was not in my original divorce decree. Picture Brad Bennett walking into court and all other attorneys tucking their tails between their legs; his aggressive demeanor, overwhelming focus, and tactics do just that. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to hire Brad.


Michael K.

I hired Marc to handle an issue my mom had with her former counsel, who entered a QDRO that didn’t coincide with the requirements of my father’s union. This prevented my mom from receiving much needed funds from my father’s pension. With the former attorney, years had passed and nothing was accomplished. When we hired Marc and his team, this matter was closed in just a couple of months. During that time, he continued to keep us completely informed throughout the case, answered all of our questions and the case is now closed. Thank you!!

Lara C.

I had hired Bennett & Bangser to represent me for a divorce that I wanted from my wife. I had met with Brad Bennett and had told him this divorce is not going to be easy. I described to him what a cunning, spiteful wife I have and she is not going to make it easy on me at all. During the divorce case, my mother in law filed an emergency order of protection and pressed domestic battery charges against me. The emergency was denied right away but was set for a hearing on 12/15/15. I thought my life was in shambles at this point, not knowing what to do or who to hire with a pending criminal charge. I went to court on the 15th for the order of protection, and my mother in law had tried to convince the judge why she needed it. Marc had questioned her in such a way she couldn’t see straight, let alone answer questions. Marc truly does have a way with words and knows how to say it. I feel when I see him speak or question someone on the other side it’s like I’m watching a tv show such as “Law & Order.” The judge once again denied the order of protection but only after my mother in law stating she had a warrant for my arrest from the states attorney. After I was brought to jail, just coming from the hearing I thought my life was over. At this point, after seeing Marc in action for this OP, I knew I wanted him to represent me for the domestic battery trial. Brad and Marc did an excellent job selecting the jurors that heard the trial. The state had tried to paint this terrible picture of me in the jurors eyes, but Marc had fired back depicting a totally different and true story. I know I was not guilty of this crime but definitely needed a great lawyer to prove it. I was found not guilty on both counts of domestic battery. Bennett and Bangser did just that. I put all my trust in this law firm and respect their advice. Words can not express what they have done.

A Client

Marc really helped me when I was in a tough position with some traffic tickets. He diligently focused on what needed to be done to solve my situation in the quickest, most straightforward manner. He took what could have been a very frustrating situation and we were able to get the best possible outcome. He has a great rapport with the court system and is super friendly and kind to work with. I highly recommend him and his firm for any of your legal needs!

Ryan J.

I worked with Marc in the fall of 2013 on a family law and a criminal case (2 different issues but related situation). I came to his office in tears as I found out my spouse was abusing drugs and I had just filed an Order of Protection. I didn’t know where to turn and what to do. Marc was very calm and engaging and helped me move on from an emotional basket case to negotiating a very good financial deal for myself and my children. The family law case wrapped up in 10 months and I couldn’t be happier with the result. While Marc hasn’t been practicing family law for decades, he is knowledgeable and is very credible and doesn’t back down one bit. He also is tenacious in working with opposing counsel and fighting for his clients’ needs in a way that is collegial (but still being a bulldog when needed). He is EXTREMELY service oriented and will always go the extra mile for his clients. You don’t see that today. The criminal part of my case has lingered on and given Marc’s expertise in this area, I have just re-engaged him again to wrap up this part of the case. I know he’ll do a phenomenal job. His knowledge of this is extensive and I wouldn’t use anyone else.

I would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone I know (and I already have)! Couldn’t be happier with his services.

A Client

I retained Marc in May 2014 after appearing in a Lake County traffic court for what I thought was a regular speeding violation. Instead I was told by the judge that I faced up to 6 months in jail, $1500 in fines and a guaranteed Class B misdemeanor (not just a traffic violation) on my record if I was convicted. This is because a relatively new state law makes speeding over 31 mph a Class B misdemeanor and does not allow the judge to use discretion in determining the sentence. Marc was highly recommended to me by a friend who said Marc was the perfect lawyer for the job –experienced, knowledgeable, and effective. And he proved to be all that and more. Prior to opening his own law firm, Marc worked in a Lake County prosecutor’s office so he knew the people and the process on the opposing side and had plenty of experience in court. It was apparent that Marc was still well received and respected by the County officers. He is confident and smart, but honest and respectful. Even though this was a state traffic violation and my 2nd speeding ticket in less than 12 months, Marc was able to negotiate with the state to a reduced speeding violation and I received only 4 months supervision and a small fine. Marc’s fee was very reasonable and he was responsive, kept me informed and answered all my questions. I have previously worked with other lawyers and Marc is by far a standout. There were others in court that same day charged with the same offense and none of them did as well as we did. I highly recommend Marc without reservation!

A Client, Avvo

Mr. Bangser is very professional, yet personable. He stays in close contact with his client and pays attention to details. Way he retains the knowledge of the case and communicates with his clients differentiates him from other lawyers I worked with. He is attentive, aggressive and decisive. He displays high level of confidence while being very realistic. I observed Mr. Bangser in court and was impressed by level of “emotional intelligence” he applies when working with the judge or other attorneys. Mr. Bangser admits that his hands-on experience as family law practitioner is relatively fresh, yet I would have no hesitancy in recommending Mr. Bangser to my friends shall they need legal assistance. Mr. Bangser knows how to leverage his professional partners and how to use his solid courtroom experience to the best benefit of his client.


I come from a small town and going to a big city was overwhelming. I was in desperate need of a lawyer, and by the grace of God, he pointed me in the right direction. Marc made me feel like family, he listened, he cared, he assured me that he would do everything he could to help me during my custody hearing. And that’s exactly what he did. We finished winners. He is an excellent lawyer, and from the experience I’ve had with Marc, I recommend him 100%.

Sheena H.

Divorce, when you have children can be quite challenging. I was dealing with an extremely difficult situation with my ex husband regarding my decision to relocate my children. Mr. Bennett facilitated an agreement that both parties found acceptable. My move went smoothly and our transition has been amazing. I want thank Mr. Bennett for spending two days assisting me with moving on with my life and starting over with my children.

A Client, Avvo

My Daughter had custody issues with her soon to be ex in another state. We were in a place where we knew no one. Our lawyer from our home state found Marc Bangser. Marc made us feel comfortable with great conversation, down to earth attitude, and had an awesome repoire with us. He was tireless in his efforts making sure we had the best opportunity to settle our case. We had a short window to work within and he got it done in a short amount of time. Settling our case in our favor and getting us back to our home state. I would definitely recommend Marc Bangser for peace of mind knowing you have great representation, for relentless effort for you, for making you feel welcome and answering all of your questions, and above all, he’s a winner. Thank you Marc.

Jimmy Y., Google Plus

When mediation and attempting to settle did not work in my child custody case, we began to prep for a trial; this is when Marc Bangser joined my team. Marc was a former prosecutor and I can tell you from experience, it’s definitely better to have him with you instead of against. We spent a lot of time prepping for trial and making sure I was as comfortable as possible and ready for almost any situation. Marc made me feel very confident in regard to being able to deal with my abusive ex. He took the time to truly understand the situation and sympathized with why I felt so strongly about certain aspects of it. In the end, I was fortunate that on trial day my ex decided to finally agree to what we had been proposing nearly the whole time in regard to custody/parenting time etc. If we had gone to trial, I feel that the outcome would have been the same because I had a top notch team that was extremely thorough and well prepared. Thank you Marc, you have truly made a tremendous positive impact on my life and more importantly, on my son’s.

Ashley G., Google Plus

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